The Marvelous Instrument Behind Steel Pan Music

Soul stirring, mind soothing rhythmical sounds are a part of pretty much every culture. People benefit from their aesthetic and recreational values as they enjoy these sounds in times of relaxation or excitement. Steel pan music is one of the examples of these life enhancing sounds. The method that is used to produce this dynamic instrument is just as intricate as the tool itself.

A musical instrument that has deep and immediate ties to the Caribbean, the steel pan has traditionally been linked with Calypso ad other West Indian based musical art forms. One nation though, Trinidad and Tobago, is the first that comes to mind when this instrument or the sounds it creates are mentioned. This is because this island nation is actually the literal foundation of the music.

Even though the musical genre has strong ties to the Caribbean, the sounds produced are so diverse that they can be used to create the sounds of any category of musical expressions. These musical tools are found in rhythm and blues, gospel, reggae and many other types of bands. There is no genre that they cannot fit into.

The most authentic steel pans are made by hand. When making steel pans, experts first select the type of drum to use. Traditionally, they use drums that once contained oil. Drum selection is a crucial part of the process because the type of drum used determines the type of sound the resulting instrument will produce. The general rule is that the lower the pitch desired then the thicker the drum needs to be.

Sinking the bottom of the drum takes place next. To do this, experts use heavy hammers to create a bowl-like shape in the drum’s closed end. This is when some drums tend to burst. The ones that are prone to bursting during this step are those that are very dented, rusted or too thin. This is one reason for paying keen attention to drum quality during the selection process.

The sinking process is one of the steps that helps to make the instrument produce the desired notes. After sinking, the drum is once again adjusted to ensure that it produces the desired noted. It is marked to identify the areas that should produce each note. The unmarked areas are then flattened in with a special tuning hammer.

The pan will have to go through a few other stages before it is ready for use. It must be grooved, set, cut and tuned. It then has to be coated with a layer that not only protects the look but also the adjustments that have been made to its surface. Then it must go through a step known as fine tuning and blending.

It is clear therefore, that the effort that goes into making one of these instruments plays a significant role in the resulting melodies that people around the world enjoy. Many do not recognize it, but the makers of the tools also help to deliver the mind blowing sounds that come from the bands of musicians that use these instruments.

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