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How Gibson Guitars Compare with Other Guitars

Guitars are like cars in that they have their own mythology. Sometimes their reputation is so vast it becomes main stream. Such is the case with Gibson. It’s great to own a guitar that you know is in that company, however, it my have side effect of distorting what you are actually looking for when you go to buy your guitar. When buying a guitar, it doesn’t matter about the name on the neck, but the quality of the work all around, and how this affects tone and sound.

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What You Need To Know About Drum Lessons

Maybe it’s the heartbeat inside all of us, but people all over the world, even those who profess to have no musical talent whatsoever, all have some innate understanding of rhythm. Everyone can feel a beat. Drummers usually know this right away, and they’re compelled from an early age to smash whatever’s around them in time, or brush their surroundings (table top, dashboard) with sensitivity like a jazz drummer would with the brushes. If you’re about to learn the drums, here’s what you ought to know.

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