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5 Tips that you must Pay attention to in Order to Become a Great Blues Guitar player

If you have been a blues guitar player for quite a while now, you’ll definitely know how it was, at first, when you started practicing your guitar. Despite the fact that I was incredibly excited the 1st time I got my hands on my 1st guitar, it was however, very much discouraging at times when I was trying to learn some songs on it. At times I would be able to fully grasp quite a few songs very fast but some other time it would take me days and in many cases even several weeks to master similar kinds songs on my instrument.

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Little Known Ways To Playing The Blues

Interested in learning to play the blues guitar? Here’s a bit of history and tips for the aspiring blues musician. Roots Jazz & the Blues ! Jazz, the only sound of its kind, it evokes a lost era in the 20th century. Imagine the gentle sound of a slow piano, the scent of whisky creeps into the room, saxophone, followed by smoke, then soft light. Often melancholic, chilling, softly tapping a nerve you didn’t even know was there. Sometimes uppity and playful as if coaxing your inner child to come out -and even then it might succeed in rekindling comfortable yet sad memories or dreams you thought lost and buried. Nothing is like it.

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Get To Know The Secret Of Blues

The soul is to the body of a person as music is to the body of society. Music permeates into the soul of society and gives every decade its special mark. When we relieve the 50’s or the 60’s or the 70’s or the 80’s, its always the music of that generation that we reminisce. As we play on the music of a certain generation, the memories all go crashing down as we smile, we cry, we laugh at the good old days. Somehow the blues had made its mark on our collective spirit that it will not and cannot go away. Originating from the pains and struggles of the black people, the blues represent the most poignant of all musical genres. The music is so haunting it feels like pain. It chokes the heart so beautifully while the lyrics become forever etched in our memories. The blues has already become part of us and it is here to stay. For every serious musician, one cannot say that he or she is a complete artist without learning to play the blues. Blues backing tracks are now available in the internet is helping the new gene

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