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Some Handy Hints On Buying a Saxophone

So you’ve decided that you really want to learn to play the saxophone. But things aren’t quite that straightforward. Saxophones aren’t that cheap and so it’s important you spend your money on the right one for you.

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Why The Alto Saxophone is Good For Beginenrs

If you’re thinking about getting a saxophone you should know that there are four industry-standard types available. Each of these saxophones come in a different pitch. Starting with the highest pitch, these are soprano, alto, tenor and then baritone saxophone. The keys for each go as follows: Soprano is in the key of Bb, then your alto saxophone which is half an octave lower, in the key of Eb. Tenor saxophone is also in the key of Bb, but a full octave lower than the soprano. Last but not least, baritone sax is one octave lower than the alto. Therefore, the baritone sax is also in the key of E flat.

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