Saxophone Advice for Beginners

There are many things to consider before you start learning the saxophone. Saxophones are usually not the most economical of the woodwind family and therefore you should try to start with a saxophone that will stand the test of time.

Generally, you can get 4 standardized types of saxophone. They are soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. The soprano sax is in the key of Bb, and then the alto saxophone is one-half octave lower, in the key of Eb. Tenor saxophone is also in the key of Bb, but a full octave lower than the soprano. Finally, baritone sax is one full octave below the alto and so also in the key of Eb. The baritone saxophone is physically much larger in size, while the soprano is the smallest.

Now you may have heard that it’s best to start on the clarinet before considering saxophone lessons. This is a notion often put forward by music teachers at school. The reason behind this is that the clarinet has more troublesome fingering and so it’s considered to provide good groundwork for the saxophone. After all, if you can master difficult fingering than the saxophone should be easy by comparison. However a further approach suggests that the saxophone is an ideal place to start when you’re new to woodwind instruments because it’s easier to make progress on. This is largely because the saxophone’s embouchure is rather less demanding. The term “embouchure” refers to the way you apply the mouth to the mouthpiece to create notes. Given that this and the standardized number of keys are much easier to operate than both clarinet and flute, a beginner saxophonist should be able to generate notes with less effort.

Out of the four primary saxophones the alto sax stands out as the type that most newbies are advocated to try out. This is largely due to the instrument’s pitch. The alto sax is generally thought of as the easiest sax to get a decent array of tones out of. In contrast, the lower ranged saxes and the higher ranges involve more difficult breath work. Furthermore, the key scale is slighter on an alto. This makes it a much better instrument for children and other small-handed people to literally get to grips with! The alto sax is additionally the most regularly utilized model of saxophone in classical music. Subsequently there’s a glut of sheet music developed for alto saxophone available.

In any event, the thing to remember regarding choosing your sax is getting a model which you envisage may keep you dedicated to studying. There are many deals to be had online, but it’s still best to try out the model you want before parting with your cash.

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