Considerations For Novice Guitarists When Buying Hollow Body Guitars

Electric hollow body guitars are very different to electric semi acoustics in that they resemble an electric with a smaller hollow body and pickups. The semi acoustic guitar is just an acoustic guitar with some form of amplification. There is a wide variety of hollow body guitars available to buy, all of which have different characteristics. These instruments have a wide range of designs all of which are extremely beautiful. If you are thinking of buying hollow body guitars it is advisable to do a little research.

Jazz guitarists are very fond of these instruments as they have a very lovely warm and clean tone that sound fantastic with the unusual chord structures used in Jazz. Indie rock, pop and blues musicians have also adopted the hollow body as their guitar of choice. The classic design of these guitars is another reason why they are so popular.

These instruments are perfect for practicing with as they do not require any amplification. They still sound loud with a nice clean tone when played without an amplifier, so if playing at volume is an issue they can still be used.

These instruments first arrived in the 1930s and where quickly adopted by jazz musicians. As the designs became more sleek they were adopted by early pop bands in the 1960s, including The Beatles and The Kinks.

One problems that these instruments had in the early days was the undesirable level of feedback they produced. This was a particular problem for bands who had to play loud and large venues. However, by the late 60s bands such as Pink Floyd started using these instruments because the feedback created interesting sounds that they could experimented with.

These instruments were played by many famous musicians including, BB King, John McLauglin and John Lennon. The guitar is used in most genres of music these days because of their fantastic sound. These include, jazz, rock, blues, country and indie rock music. They also look fantastic and are an important part of many band’s image.

The majority of the famous guitar manufacturers make these instruments. Gibson, Gretsch, Hofner, Epiphone and Fender all make high quality instruments that will suit all budgets. Fender make the Thinline, which is basically a hollowed Fender Telecaster. This guitar makes a wonderful twanging tone that is well loved among country musicians. Gretsch probably have the most well known hollow body designs, they are beautiful instruments that are about the same size as a 12 string acoustic.

Most manufacturers offers cheap versions of these instruments. These are fine for beginning guitarists providing the action of the neck can be adjusted, usually with a truss rods that runs down the neck. If you are unsure whether to learn on an acoustic or electric guitar then these instruments can be the ideal compromise as they can be played equally well both acoustically or amplified. Check out the music shops close to you when thinking of buying hollow body guitars. They will be able to give you some sound advice and let you play a few instruments through a variety of amplifiers before you decide on the guitar and amplifier for you.

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