5 Tips that you must Pay attention to in Order to Become a Great Blues Guitar player

If you have been a blues guitar player for quite a while now, you’ll definitely know how it was, at first, when you started practicing your guitar. Despite the fact that I was incredibly excited the 1st time I got my hands on my 1st guitar, it was however, very much discouraging at times when I was trying to learn some songs on it. At times I would be able to fully grasp quite a few songs very fast but some other time it would take me days and in many cases even several weeks to master similar kinds songs on my instrument.

So what exactly was I wrong about? Frankly, at the beginning, I had absolutely no clue. However now some few years have passed, and even though I would certainly not say I am the best guitarist on this planet, I am nonetheless, a very good one and here are a handful of the things that I have found through experience and I sincerely hope you can learn from them as well.

1. Prepare a strategy and write all of them down! Don’t just simply say; okay….. I’m going to study this, this and that. I can assure you, this won’t get the job done; you have to write them down on a piece of paper, so that it can easily resemble like a kind of reminder in order for you to know what you have mastered already and what you have not.

2. Practice just as much as you possibly can and ensure that you’re REGULAR! I am certain most of you already know about the need for practicing but sadly I must say, most people are certainly not regular enough at what they do. They say that they have been practicing something for several months now but then grumble about having accomplished only little progress. Honestly, that is because oftentimes these individuals weren’t regular enough! They would work on their blues really seriously for 2 weeks before giving it up for a week or two, then they would start all over again a week later! That is totally incorrect; you mustn’t take such a long break for a full week or 2.

3. Perseverance! Please, do not stop trying the moment one of the songs that you are learning starts to become a little bit more demanding than what you were anticipating. You need to persevere, basically, that’s what’s going to make you in turn become a brilliant guitarist; when you practice tricky songs.

4. Have Patience! You aren’t going to become a master blues musician over night. You should be patient and over time your techniques will get a great deal better. The majority of people usually weary if they do not notice any important progress soon after 2 – 3 weeks, in case you are like that then you’ll, by no means, achieve your desire of becoming a wonderful guitar player. Show patience and try to be regular, and you will see the positive effects of it very fast.

5. Look into some new songs from time to time; don’t learn the same sort of songs repeatedly. Try learning a few finger-style tracks, some few blues rock songs, one or two classic blues styles songs, certain blues jazz and so on. The more often you learn, of course, the better you will become and if I am not mistaken, I do believe that’s precisely what you want.

Those tips are particularly valuable, so do take them a bit seriously. They might not be the biggest suggestions you will ever hear but if you make an effort to implement some of them, I can promise you that you won’t have any regrets. If you’re even more serious in regards to improving your guitar skills in no time, therefore, perhaps I can present you with some more assistance, so keep on reading….. .

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